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SOLOMON CHILDS “My Baby” music video is a one of the latest songs that makes women proud.  Far too often women are over-sexualized in Hip Hop music.  In this song, there’s a message of love and the ladies are definitely loving it. It’s amazing when men in Hip Hop address women in a healthy fashion. My Baby is a tale of love and what Hip Hop needs right now is L-O-V-E.  Check out the vocal art above and find more information below.


Official Website



MasterCoastNY: @Positive_K_ Interview: The Master Edition


Positive K is the epitome of a Hip Hop Legend.  Currently, rising on the official charts with his hot single entitled, “Make It Happen”  Remix Feat. Mr. Cheeks and Greg Nice.  So what are you waiting for press play and listen to the great one’s wisdom and legendary moments.



Listen to Earth Medley’s Earth Medley’s @Datpiff

Latest Mixtape From Upstate New York’s ,”Queen Earth”, formerly known as Charlie Kelsey.


iiqueen Official Website

Positive K – Make it Happen Remix ft. Mr.Cheeks and Greg Nice

Positive K, Mr. Cheeks and Greg Nice lace up a nice remix.  It’s exciting to hear such legendary rappers team up to give great performances.

Greg Nice & Pos K


Wolf Critton – “Foolish Thing” (Official Video)

New Windsor, NY, Endorsed by LUNA, ICON MOTORSPORTS, SHURE & D’ADDRIO. featured on Magisto with over 20K views and counting, featured on Steve Harvey in the morning radio, PLAYING FOR THE MAYOR OF HIS CITY and Connecticut Style News. singer Songwriter Wolf Critton is the artistic musician to Be heard! With various collaborations and interviews with all forms of media, this street raised Iraq War Veteran is reaching the ears of thousands, with His soulful sound of Rock & Blues.



Substance Abuse featuring KRS-One “Rear View” (The Chase Mix)

Los Angeles hip-hop duo Substance Abuse return to hip-hop with their remix EP, Background Music: The Redux.  Consisting of emcee Subz and Eso Tre, Substance Abuse present a work that re-imagines some of the classic tracks first introduced on their critically acclaimed sophomore effort, “Background Music”.

Substance Abuse stick to their trade mark style of socially conscious content. The track “Rear View” featuring KRS-One, tackles the futility of trying to embrace a time period that is gone and never will be again, while still affirming some of the timeless values that people cherished during that era.  Rear View: The Chase Remix embodies a new take on the track played on DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz radio show as well as many other reputable outlets.

Background Music” refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had.”  It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure.  Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power.

After gaining much acclaim for their collaboration with MF Doom on the infectious single “Profitless Thoughts,” Substance Abuse released their debut Overproof in 2006. The album featured SaafirKool KeithMotion ManKutmasta Kurt,RascoThes-One, and MF Doom and received critical acclaim from outlets such as YRBURBScratch Magazine,and 944.  That album was followed by the classic “Background Music”, featuring Tash, Sadat X, Percee P, Myka Nyne, MC EihtKRS-Oneand Max Julien (The Mack).

What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change. If you’re one of them, check out Background Music: The Redux.


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New Music: Young Nasaro – The Greatest (Official Music Video)

Brooklyn, New York, “Young Nasaro”. This music video is dedicated to one of the greatest boxers of all time, “Muhammad Ali”. Check out Young Nasaro’s lyrical delivery and witty points of view. We are sure you’ll enjoy every second.