Auspicious Time Tefnut Ennead: Queen Earth

Queen Earth, formerly known as Charlie Kelsey hit the underground scene after a 12 year, hiatus with an aggressive flow and unique tone.  Mrs. Earth has been at it for over 23 years and doesn’t plan on stopping making music at any time soon.  Her lyricism mixes hood conscious messages, spirituality and topics including feminism, racism, parental alienation, child support and more. While her many songs, mixtapes and albums have not reached superstardom or major reviews she still has an impact on a lot of the LGBTQ community, female rappers and peers in the hiphop community. In her spare time, she advocates for the H.I.V/A.I.D.S. community and Mothers Rights. Most recently she has been actively planning a concert to benefit Non Custodial Mothers. She feels that the rise in mothers being separated from their children due to ex relationships and family court systems is having a huge affect on the youth,  All proceeds of all her music has gone towards this benefit concert to help parents get the proper legal help to win back custody and be active in their childrens lives. Check out her latest addition, “Auspicious Time Tefnut Ennead.”

Twitter: @iiqueenearth
Instagram: @iiqueenearth


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